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2023 | Forschung

Final report IJA.digital - now also available in English!

In spring this year, the final report of the project "IJA.digital" was published. The results are now also available in English.

The digital transformation influences the most diverse areas of our social coexistence. In international youth work, digital transformation processes ensured, among other things, the increased implementation of digital projects. The challenges and opportunities that result from this and the conditions that contribute to the success of digital projects were investigated in the project "IJA.digital - Internationale Jugendarbeit.digital". The final report on the project was published in March 2023. In addition, a set of questions was developed that can be used to evaluate digital projects in international youth work. In order to make the documents accessible to international actors, they are now also available in English.  

The results show, among other things, that the potential of digital formats in international youth work is not yet sufficiently used. This applies especially to the possibility for young participants to contribute their media experiences to a digital project, but also to the activating design of online sessions. In addition, the monitoring of the projects made it clear that, according to their own assessment, team members and participants mainly acquired instrumental knowledge about digital technologies in the projects they monitored. These processes should be used even more in the future to integrate other aspects of media competence, such as reflection on one's own media activities or creative work with media, into the projects. In addition, the online setting offers a country neutrality that is not given in face-to-face encounters. This creates further opportunities, such as the possibility of shifting the focus to country-independent, individual differences and commonalities.  

The entire final report with many other exciting results can be found in the downloadable information at the bottom of the page. Here you can find the report in German. Here the JFF team gives a first insight into the research results in an interview with IJAB e.V. 

"IJA.digital" was conducted in close cooperation with IJAB - International Youth Service of the Federal Republic of Germany.The project was funded by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth.  




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