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2018 | Forschung

“Daddy, Your Mobile is Stupid, You Should Put it Away”

Media Education from the Perspective of Professionals

Problems with digital and mobile media are often one of the reasons behind a family’s decision to consult a family counsellor. Parents of young children feel quite confident handling the media education of their children. For access to digital media, young children need their parents’ help, so they know about the media usage of their daughters and sons. But when kids get older, their media use increases and becomes more independent. Consequently, parents have less control over the media usage of their children. In some cases, they need professional help with media education. According to family counsellors, many issues result from early media education.

Schubert, Gisela/Eggert, Susanne (2018): “Daddy, Your Mobile is Stupid, You Should Put it Away.” Media Education from the Perspective of Professionals. In: Mascheroni, Giovanna/Jorge, Ana (eds.): Digital Parenting. The Challenges for Families in the Digital Age.





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